What Our Clients Say About Our Radiation Safety Services


From the course evaluations;

"Overall a great class, Steve was great. He answered all the questions thoroughly and provided great examples."

"Amazing job with the slides and explained them very well."

"So much good information."

"Terrific public speaker."

“The online course was very informative, well laid out, easy to follow, and I could come back to it anytime.  I did not feel pressured to complete it in one sitting”

“Having taken this type of Class 7 DOT shipper course every three years for over 30 years, Dr. Snay’s course was very robust and covered much more than I had ever seen in a RAM shipper course”

“The online radiation worker module is used by our entire staff and I hear great reviews from them and have seen  a deeper understanding from them.”

“The online interactive quiz was a true test of my knowledge and necessary to ensure compliance.  I like the puzzle style lock and key questions where I had to match the hazard calculated OD values to the laser eyewear image with wavelength range and OD.  Not your typical true/false style test and I appreciated it”

5=strongly agree to 1=strongly disagree

  • Overall score: 4.59


  1. Overall, I was satisfied with the class.
    • Average score: 4.70
  2. I will recommend this class to others.
    • Average score: 4.68
  3. The information presented was helpful.
    • Average score: 4.73
  4. The presentation was easy to understand.
    • Average score: 4.69​